• Department of Physical Educationphy
    Physical education is an important process in the all round development of a child. Its main objective is concerned with activities which develop and maintains a health and balanced human body. It effects the development of the total personality of the child and its fulfillment and perfection in body mind and spirit.Physical education has been accepted as an integral part of education to achieve the various aims and objective. We have started a full course and deferent activities in our college campus.We have established a modern fitness cum yoga centre in our college which provides different equipments like Multi exerciser Machine, Twisteper, Jogger semi automatic, Stepper, Eckin-Prow, Exercising cycle and weight lifting bench with 200kg weight.Main emphasis is given for yogic exercises, Pranayam and yogic asanas for building a balanced, mental and physical health of the students.

    We have also provided and organized various games & sports like Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Kabbadi, Table tennis and Athletic events.

    To achieve this purpose we have a standard 800mtr Athletic Track.

  • Home science department
    Home science has been recognized as an important part of the education of girls at the secondary level. It deals with the art of proper home – making which has within its ambit knowledge of basic sciences, arts, applied science – like nutrition, health and hygiene, child care, home – economics and management. The aim of learning home science subject is to develop in the students a social philosophy of personal and community living.To achieve the aim and objectives of teaching of Home science our college has established more furnished Home science lab.
  • Fine art department
    A study of Fine Arts is truly a win law of hidden cultural heritage of any civilization. fineIt is a life line for any culture to flourish and to spread fragrance of along of civilization.No human race can survive without its help and its importance has unlimited scope for making a race to the top of the world history.The modern aim of education is the modification of lecherous and around development of child but when it comes for the practical side then no other subject can match those Fine Arts wider scope in achievement of such valuable aim of education.

    The personalities of any child consist of conscious and sub-conscious faculties of a complete personality.

    Fine Arts, truly teachers and develops the finnier faculties like creativity, observation, imagination, sense of achievement and many others in the child and due to this process a child can developed a well balanced personality which is the demand of the modern time.
    To achieve such higher aims, our college hare established a Fine Art with full equipments and creative department environment. We provide various courses like, Drawing and Painting, Clay modeling, Paper craft, card board modeling, paper machine mask making, pat making, sculpture, print making, model making and oil painting .

    Emphasis is usually given for the experimental and demonstration methods and techniques to develop the creativity among the students. Various type of art material is provided to the students to make experiment and creation of art products.

    Fine Arts department is in fact a true mirror of creative development of any institution and every effort is made in this regional to achieve such aim. Even effort is made that after the strenuous theoretical periods; students can get a released and creative environment and developed their hidden talents by freely expressing their expressions and impressions.

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