• Physical Science : Lab cum-lecture room physics
    - Size 20’x35’
    - All the physical Science equipment, chemicals and apparatus“If science is poorly taught and badly learnt it is little more than burdening the mind with dead information and it could degenerate even into a new superstition.” – Kothari Commission Report.For an effective and efficient teaching in science a good laboratory with necessary equipment is essential. We don’t aim at stuffing the minds of the pupils with mere facts of science but at developing in them the application ability, skills of experiment combination, improvising scientific attitudes, interest appreciation etc. These can be achieved only if the students get the opportunities which pervades in science teaching.Keeping above aim is view a well equipped laboratory for doing Physic and Chemistry experiments has been established in the college. There is a lab. Attendant to maintain the lab. It is equipped with charts, models, gas, water supply and sewage facility.
  • Life Science Lab Cum : Lecturer roomlife
    - Size 20’x35’
    - All the life science equipment, models charts, specimen, apparatus & other proper facilities.

Life science represents a systematic study of the life existing in our biosphere. It helps us to understand the life in its all aspects and utilize this knowledge for healthy living in a healthy environment by maintaining proper ecological balance in the existing ecosystems. It is in this context that we have to take care of its proper study on the part of out young generation from the very beginning. The responsibility for its better teaching lies on the shoulders of teachers. As a result efforts should be made for providing appropriate pre-service education to the pupil teachers. A life science teacher should try to learn all the basic skills that how to disseminate expertise. So, keeping is mind the above aim, life science laboratory is well equipped for learning, how to demonstrate experiments.

There are microscopes (Dissects and compound) preserved specimens, Steelton system, 3-D Models and other equipments and apparatus to demonstrate experiments. There are all other physical facilities in the laboratory for doing and demonstrating experiments in the class.

  • Psychological Laboratory psy
    Their laboratory is equipped with various psychological tests viz. intelligence test, personality test, general mental ability test, emotional intelligence test.The faculty makes use of these tests for training and counseling the pupil teachers. The college also utilizes there tests for diagnostic and formative purpose.Laboratory is a room for experimental work or research. A careful evaluation of the aims and values of teaching social studies clearly indicates that much equipment is needed in addition to text books and a few maps with in increasing number of aids the idea developed of a social studies laboratory has given rise to demand on the part of many teachers of these subjects.

    In our SS Laboratory also different types of aids, text books, reference books, magazines, maps, globes, chart, and models are found. So our SS lab may be deferent as a from or group of rooms in which all written, audio and visual materials pertinent to the social studies instructors are contained.

    So our laboratory is very helpful creating effective environment for study. It saves time and energy both the teacher and students. Moreover it is very useful in making teaching and learning effective.

  • Educational Technology Lab – cum – Lecturer room edu
    - size – 20’x30’
    - OHP, Epidiascope, Film, strip, Slide, Projector, T.V. Slides, Radio, Video- Tapes, Audio, Tapes, Slides, Charts, Models, etc.
  • S.S. Lab –cum-Lecturer room
    - Size 20’x30’
    - 3D, Model, Charts, Graphs, Global Maps
  • Fine Arts Lab-cum-Lecturer room
    - Size 20’x35’
    - With all the working infrastructure forlab2
    (a) Clay modeling
    (b) Drawing & Pointing
    (c) Teaching of Arts
    (d) Preparing 3-D Model for teaching purpose
  • Craft Lab
    - Size 15’x20’
    - All infrastructure and moulds for making candles of different types.
  • Home Science Lab-Cum- Lecturer room
    - Size 20’x30’
    - With all the working infrastructure. All the appliances for H. Sc. Practicals. lab3
  • Health and Fitness Centre
    - service for physical well being such as, sauna and steam bath, gymnasium or meditation.
  • ICT Lab (Information and Communication Technology)
    - 17 Personal Computers
    - Seating capacity – 40
    - B. Board for practice
  • - Internet Facility
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